I am a British–Hungarian historian of political thought, currently a PhD student at the Cambridge Department of Politics and International Studies; a part-time political analyst; and a Roman Catholic convert, received into the Church in June 2018. My PhD thesis is a conceptual history of catastrophe in the early 20th century, focusing mainly on the development of European Marxism and futurism from 1890 to 1940. I’m also interested in continental philosophy more generally and modern East Asian politics and political thought. At Cambridge I teach political theory and the history of political thought; my prior academic background is in theology, political science, and intellectual history.

Interests: Concepts of crisis and catastrophe, politics and myth, Marxian/global political economy and the question of technological acceleration, the genealogy of the state, theological and political aesthetics, baroque theology and political thought, Chinese Legalism

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San_Vincenzo_Ferrer piusx2
‘Christ made them rise up at his transfiguration when he said to them, “Arise, and fear not”, because sinners fear his appearance. But it is said to the just, “Do not fear, arise.”’ —St. Vincent Ferrer ‘the Angel of the Apocalypse’, Sermon for the Second Sunday of Lent ‘And now, can anybody who takes a survey of the whole system be surprised that We should define it as the synthesis of all heresies?’ —Pope St. Pius X, Pascendi Dominici Gregis