Catholicism and the gravity of horror

My article discussing some of the thought-process justifying my conversion to Catholicism in the context of horror, and of the ‘baroque’ struggle that unites past and future against a fallen present, is available at Jacobite magazine.

An introduction to Catholicism can very well begin with horror. It is, for good reason, an uncommon point of entry, yet in an apology for the conversion of someone peculiarly interested in the aesthetic of abstract horror to Catholicism, and to explain the relevance of Catholicism to a world held more and more in a vice-grip by forces it barely understands, it is a necessary one. The link is tight, intuitive, yet hard, today, to adequately explain. The following notes, then, track the thought process that undergirds this leap—by no means the only path to understanding Catholic religion, but one that is relevant, unduly overlooked, and of present and future relevance.

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Image credit: Spencer Means, Flickr